Improved GitHub Flavored Markdown Support and Emoji Search

Published by on October 25, 2018.

Today we’re shipping an enhancement to that lets you use even more powerful markdown. At, we take our markdown and emoji support very seriously. We’re shocked that some tools still don’t have markdown support.

For years has supported markdown and emoji, but there were a few things missing. You can now insert Tables using Markdown Syntax, and we now also support task lists in markdown.

We’ve also spent time improving the look and feel of the commenting and activity feeds in This new update doesn’t add or remove any features, but we think it’s important to polish the UI for better usability.


After Update


We’ve also improved our emoji search so you can more easily find the appropriate emoji. Previously, searching for an emoji like :heavy_check_mark: required you to know its exact name; now with emoji fuzzy search all you need to type is :check, and you’ll get all wonderful emojified options as you’d expect.

Why are we working on important things like Markdown and Emoji instead of other parts of

This is only a starting point. We’ve got big plans for and we’ll be revealing our direction soon. This small UI refresh scratches our own itch – we use to build, and our team really wanted enhanced markdown and better legibility across items, activity, comments and more. We hope you enjoy the update.

What should we work on next?

Let us know what you think! Use the blue button in the lower right to send us your suggestion.