Why Partyline?

Published by on June 25, 2015.
Create project items in Slack. Sprintly lets you do this!

Here at Quick Left, Slack has become an integral part of our communication. More than just one-upmanship GIFs, Slack is a finger on the pulse of our organization, helping us solve together the daily challenges that we face. Within Slack we request code reviews, lean on the opinions and expertise of each other, and as a result, we write better software and manage our project commitments more easily.

We love it, and so do many others #SlackWallOfLove. Slack is the modern essential communication layer that makes teams cohesive. It prevents the penalty caused by context switching into lengthy email threads and unnecessary extra planning meetings. As developers, we don’t always need the 10,000 foot view. We leave that to the engineering leads and product managers who can take advantage of the new Sprintly Kanban board.

What benefits us most as developers is having a quick and agile interface to our project management tool, so we built Partyline.

Partyline is our Slack integration which gives us the ability to create project tickets right from within Slack. Everybody can be involved in the discussion, whether in person or remote, technical or non-technical. With Partyline, we can:

  • Discuss the work to be done
  • Agree on what the feature should be
  • Create a ticket

Our aim is to give our users all the power of Sprintly right from within Slack, the tool they’re already using. For our first iteration we support creating, updating, deleting & searching for items in Sprintly. Have a feature request? Just let us know!

Create project tickets and items in Slack

It’s so easy to use. A sample command looks like this:

/sprintly create:story As an accountant I want a quickbooks integration so that I am more productive

Want to check it out? Head over to the Partyline site to sign up for the beta.

Like it or have feedback? We would love to hear it, let us know @sprintly.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

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