Announcing Sprintly: Paper Edition

Published by on April 1, 2013.

At Sprintly, our mission is to help you seamlessly interact with your coworkers. A key aspect of this is that we allow people to work in the way that best suits them. If you’re a developer, we have command line tools and deep GitHub integration. If you’re on the business side, we have rich email interaction. Until today, there’s been a class of potential users who’ve been left out of this equation: the Luddites. Not everyone has made the jump to all things digital, and for those, we’re releasing Paper.

Sprintly Paper is a downloadable resource which will allow these users to write in their user stories using technology they’re already familiar with: paper and pencil! Just as we’ve integrated with the best of breed developer tools like BitBucket and GitHub, thanks to their open API, we’re happy to say that Paper interfaces with the US Postal Service in the way you’ve come to expect. Just fold up your Paper, put it in an envelope, and mail it to the project manager on your team. No more time-wasting face-to-face meetings. You’ll be back to doing business just as it was done in the 1950’s!

As with everything we do, we hope this brings your team closer to one another, helping you get your work done even faster! To get started, just print this page.