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Deploying WordPress themes via GitHub with CircleCI

Published by on July 25, 2017.

A lot of marketing sites are built on WordPress these days, which makes a lot of sense. It’s a powerful CMS with an enormous ecosystem. Everything from blogs to e-commerce to real estate sites are powered by it. It should come as no surprise that we use WordPress here at Sprintly as well. We use […]

5 Awesome Things About Sprintly’s New UI

Published by on April 25, 2017.

We’ve been busy here at Sprintly reworking our UI. Some of our most recent upgrades include: a new way to prioritize tickets, updated reports with one-click CSV export, an updated design for Mine, a faster bulk edit, and the Kanban board. This week we’ve rolled out updates that deep link these new views into the older, […]

Our newer, faster, stronger bulk edit has arrived

Published by on April 24, 2017.

Whether you’re grooming a project’s backlog or updating your tickets after a day of coding, editing tickets in bulk can come in real handy. Sprintly’s bulk edit feature was built specifically to enable quick editing of dozens of tickets. We’ve recently put in the effort to re-engineer it to be faster and more intuitive. What can […]

Keep Track of Your Tickets with Sprintly’s Mine View

Published by on April 18, 2017.

All of your tickets, across all of your projects, in a simple list broken down by status? Yes, please. New Mine View Project management tools aren’t something developers love using. Most developers just want a simple list of things they’re supposed to do across all of their ongoing projects. That’s it. With this goal in […]

We’re Back! A Fresh Start for Sprintly

Published by on November 10, 2015.

Hi, it’s Joe Stump here and I have some exciting news to share. Sprintly has again become an independent company that I will be running along with April Dunford. The team at Quick Left has done a great job with Sprintly over the past couple of years, but taking it back to being its own […]

How do I go from “maker” to “manager?”

Published by on May 8, 2015.

Interested in making the jump from engineer to manager? I’ve taken a number of practical steps since making this transition myself. Hopefully these help you in your new leadership role! Codify and communicate your opinions on best practices You can’t expect to get others to work the way you do without first figuring out what […]

Using modern JavaScript and CI tooling for Google Apps Scripts

Published by on March 13, 2015.
Sprintly's Joe Stump shows you how to use JavaScript and CI tooling for Google Apps Scripts

I’ve recently been working on a Google Apps Scripts (GAS) add-on for Sprintly that will allow our customers to directly integrate the Sprintly API into Google Spreadsheets. GAS is a little like Facebook Apps or Zendesk Web Widgets only for Google Apps in that you can code some JavaScript and HTML that Google will embed […]

Introducing our Beta Item Search API with Facets

Published by on February 9, 2015.

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get from customers both large and small is that they wish they could query for items across products. Many moons ago when I first started programming on Sprintly I made a conscious decision to treat projects as silos. With the advantage of hindsight, it’s apparent that […]

Announcing the New Voltron in Agile Software Development: Sprintly and Quick Left

Published by on January 28, 2014.

Those who’ve worked with us at – as customers, colleagues, and partners – know that we’re committed to our craft. We enjoy pushing the envelope on UI/UX, development methodologies, and technology. At times, this has meant needing to pull in specialists who are working at the very edges of their field to help us […]

Diversity is an advantage in business and product development

Published by on August 15, 2013.

In the past, I’ve tweeted out that was looking to diversify our applicant pool and was actively hiring developers. If you’ve been following, or engaging in, the conversation around diversity in technology and software development, you probably have a good idea of what the responses looked like. I don’t want to spend time covering the […]