Making the board more agile with sprint forecasting and velocity

Published by on November 30, 2017.

Today I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing velocity and sprint forecasting on the board. Your estimates will now be used to calculate and forecast sprints in the backlog. We’ve also added a new agile info header to help keep you updated on the status of your agile projects!

Configuring Sprints and Velocity

In your settings dropdown (upper right, where your name and avatar are), you’ll find a new settings menu for sprints. This menu allows you to set your team’s velocity, how many calendar days your iterations are, and what day of the week your sprints start on.

Using Sprint and Velocity Forecasting

To enable sprint and velocity forecasting select a single product using the Awesom Bar or filter menu. This will show the agile info header and group items into sprints in the backlog column.

Agile Info Header

The agile info header is a rollup of important sprint, velocity, and forecasting data. Click on the header to get a more detailed overview. We’ve introduced a simple red/yellow/green paradigm that helps you understand the health of your agile projects. Red means forecasting is off and the column needs grooming. Orange means you’ve probably stretched the abilities of your team, and green means the column is properly groomed.

Sprint Forecasts in Backlog

Your agile settings are used to group items into sprints in the backlog column. Each sprint will show how many points are in it as well as when it should begin. Click the sprint header to hide or show the items for that sprint. Keep in mind that sorting items and changing their estimates can cause cards to jump in and out of sprints.

Here’s a quick introduction video that gets you up to speed in about 90 seconds: