We’re Back! A Fresh Start for Sprintly

Published by on November 10, 2015.

Hi, it’s Joe Stump here and I have some exciting news to share. Sprintly has again become an independent company that I will be running along with April Dunford.

The team at Quick Left has done a great job with Sprintly over the past couple of years, but taking it back to being its own company will allow us to re-focus on our core business and work more closely with existing Sprintly customers. It will also give us a chance to accelerate some features we’ve been itching to get out. Here’s a sneak peak at a few things we’re working on:

  1. A new Collaborator role – If you are a dev shop looking for a way to collaborate with customers or a company looking to give folks outside of the product team the ability to create and comment on items (without messing with priorities and assignments), this role is for you.
  2. Improved email performance – We’ve heard you that email performance has been a problem. We’ve decided to take this head-on by switching to a new email provider. You should be seeing dramatic improvements soon.
  3. Assigning a Due Date to tickets – because some of us need to know our deadlines.
    Improved support – Some folks were having a problem logging support tickets and some tickets were disappearing. We have switched support platforms to Zendesk which should make your support life easier.
  4. We are also focused on fixing a handful of annoying bugs that have been driving us all crazy. We’re trying to keep the impact on service to a minimum but you may notice some momentary glitches. Please bear with us – this phase will be over soon.

We’ll be spending some time in the next few weeks prioritizing what’s next and we’d love your help. April’s been interviewing customers (thanks again to Paul at CurrencyFair and Phelam and the gang at Pulsate for spending some time with April at Web Summit last week) and we’d like to hear from you too. You can drop April a line at april@sprint.ly and you can reach me at joe@sprint.ly.

Joe Stump and April Dunford


  1. Will my license or pricing change? Nope, you’re cool. Everything stays the same.
  2. What about if I am on some old, old, pre-historic pricing model from the time of the dinosaurs? You’re still good, you crazy early adopter, you.
  3. What about PartyLine? We’re working on that too. Partyline is still in beta while we work through some known issues that we are hoping to have resolved soon. Stay tuned for updates.
  4. What about my open support tickets? Support is running just like it always has. Existing tickets are being worked on and it is business as usual.

If you have more questions, you can reach us at support@sprint.ly