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Our newer, faster, stronger bulk edit has arrived

Published by on April 24, 2017.

Whether you’re grooming a project’s backlog or updating your tickets after a day of coding, editing tickets in bulk can come in real handy. Sprintly’s bulk edit feature was built specifically to enable quick editing of dozens of tickets. We’ve recently put in the effort to re-engineer it to be faster and more intuitive. What can […]

No more sticky notes

Published by on October 23, 2015.
Agile sticky notes software for Scrum

Agile consultants love sticky notes. I think it’s because using sticky notes, during the initial agile training, makes for a great group activity. Everyone is sitting at the table, writing out user stories. Each person gets a turn to go up to the wall and stick their note. Everyone gets to collaborate with the prioritization. […]

Why your team needs a Kanban board

Published by on October 14, 2014.

The worst part about project management tools is they get in the way. Most tools require hours of configuration and a steep learning curve before you can even start being productive. And every time you bring on a new team member, you need to go through the process again. This is why I love Kanban […]