Announcing the New Voltron in Agile Software Development: Sprintly and Quick Left

Published by on January 28, 2014.

Those who’ve worked with us at – as customers, colleagues, and partners – know that we’re committed to our craft. We enjoy pushing the envelope on UI/UX, development methodologies, and technology. At times, this has meant needing to pull in specialists who are working at the very edges of their field to help us deliver. This is how we met Sam Breed and the Quick Left team in Boulder, CO.

Sam is a core contributor to Backbone, which lays at the foundation of our frontend architecture. His contributions to our recent performance refactor have dramatically improved the responsiveness of our application. After completing this project, two things were clear to me:

  1. Sam and the Quick Left team are consummate craftspeople. Delivering quality code and actionable advice took precedence over their bottom line.
  2. I wanted to spend more time working with Sam and the Quick Left team.

Sadly, I couldn’t recruit Sam and he couldn’t recruit me. This mutually sad realization, coupled with Sam’s confession that Quick Left was keen to start building their own products, led me to invite Sam out for beers.

I had an ulterior motive, though, which was to propose that we combine Quick Left’s chocolate with’s peanut butter. We were building a great product, which Quick Left and their clients used, and Quick Left had an enormous engineering team ready to be aimed at the treasure trove of products swirling through our collective brains.

When our CSO, Matthew Work, first heard the idea he said simply, “That’d work.” Matt’s background at Pivotal Labs running Pivotal Tracker gave him great context to see that this symbiotic relationship had real potential.

Today I’m enormously proud, and exceedingly humbled, to announce that this potential has been realized. and Quick Left are now one. We will operate offices in San Francisco, Portland, and Boulder. Our mission is to deliver great products – our own and our service customers’ – using the very best technologies and development methodologies available.

Wow. I am excite. Much coding ahead.



Joe Stump

P.S. You can read more about this awesome news, along with FAQs, on our homepage.