Introducing: Bitbucket & Beanstalk support

Published by on January 23, 2012.

Overwhelmingly so, our most popular feature since our beta launch has been the GitHub integration. Developers love the ability to not have to come back to to mark an item as complete. Our continued mantra is that must fit into your workflow, rather than interrupt it.

In our continued quest to keep workflows uninterrupted for our coding customers, we’re excited to announce that our popular SCM/VCS integration now works with both Beanstalk and bitbucket. If you do not use GitHub, Beanstalk, or bitbucket, don’t fret, you can make our SCM/VCS integration work with other SCM/VCS systems¬†with a little work.

See our documentation for setting up to work with Beanstalk, bitbucket, or GitHub. You might also want to check out what you can do with via this awesome integration.