Sprintly Product Update

Published by on November 17, 2014.

Hello Sprinters! We rolled out a number of changes to the Sprintly product over the past two weeks. Here is a rundown of our changes:

Free Plan

We re-introduced the Free plan which allows you to manage 1 product with 3 members using our Dashboard and Organizer features.

UI Improvements

Comments Styling Improvements:

We implemented minor styling improvements for comments, specifically adding better visual cues for blockquotes, code blocks, and inline code tags.

Blockquotes styling:


Code Blocks styling:


Inline code tags:


Renamed Append & Prepend Buttons:

These two options are available on items in the Someday status. Clicking on the Append button moved the item to the bottom of the backlog. Clicking on the Prepend button moved it to the top of the backlog. We changed the name of the buttons so its functions were clearer. Append has been changed to “bottom” and Prepend has been changed to “top.”

Someday Item Card

Various Bug Fixes

  1. In certain conditions, adding new tags to an item removed existing tags. This has been resolved.
  2. Fixed error when deleting comments
  3. Fixed positioning of cursor in add item modal and bulk-edit menu
  4. Fixed issue where editing product name failed
  5. Various CSS fixes specific to Firefox
  6. Fixed missing “Add Sub-Item to Story” button when item type is changed to Story
  7. Fixed display issue of blank Activity Feed view