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Cross-Product Mine View

Published by on February 24, 2015.
Cross product view in Sprintly

The “Mine” view allows you to view items assigned to you across all your Sprintly products. Displayed in a grid format, this view groups items assigned to you by status. Items that you’re currently working on (Current) are displayed at the top, followed by items in your Backlog and Someday. Click on an item title to […]

Important Sprintly Billing Updates Required

Published by on February 17, 2015.
Update your Sprintly billing information

We recently made an important update to our billing system that now requires that we collect both your billing address and your payment information. It is important that both pieces of information is provided to us before your subscription renewal or your Sprintly access may be interrupted. Account owners may make the secure billing updates here: […]

Product Update: Customize Digest Emails & Add Item Modal Change

Published by on February 4, 2015.
Customize how often you get email digests

Today we released two new new changes to the Sprintly product. Customize Email Digests Last week we rolled out improvements to email notifications that allows email notification settings to be set on a per-product basis. Today we rolled out more options that will give you greater control. We’ve added options to customize your product digests: Change digest […]

Product Update: Filter Deploys & Per-Product Email Notification Settings

Published by on January 28, 2015.

Hello! I’m back with two more product updates! Filter Deploys by Environment Did you get a chance to check out the new feature that allows you to mark and track items as deployed? We’ve now added a new option in the Add Filter menu that allows you to filter items deployed by environment: Available in […]

New Feature Release: Mark Items as Deployed

Published by on January 26, 2015.

Hey everybody! We’re excited to announce a new feature that allows you to mark Sprintly items as deployed. This new feature is available in the Reports, Organizer, Mine and Dashboard views. We’re excited to announce a new feature that allows you to mark Sprintly items as deployed. This new feature is available in the Reports, Organizer, […]

Sprintly Product Update

Published by on November 17, 2014.

Hello Sprinters! We rolled out a number of changes to the Sprintly product over the past two weeks. Here is a rundown of our changes: Free Plan We re-introduced the Free plan which allows you to manage 1 product with 3 members using our Dashboard and Organizer features. UI Improvements Comments Styling Improvements: We implemented […]

New Features: CSV Exports and Bulk Edit in Reports View

Published by on October 16, 2014.

29,000. That is the number of Sprintly users out there in the world and that number continues to grow everyday. We are grateful to all our customers and work hard every day to add value to Sprintly. We work towards shipping often, rolling out app improvements and bug fixes on a weekly basis. Today I’m excited to announce that […]

Sprintly UI Refresh

Published by on October 2, 2014.

A couple of weeks ago we rolled out a brand spanking new homepage. Did you see it? Today we followed-up with the same UI refresh for the rest of the Sprintly application. Not to worry, functionality is still the same and our designer Grant Garrett kept buttons in all the same places. We updated the […]

New Sprintly Feature: Change Item Type

Published by on August 21, 2014.
Change item type in Sprintly

One of our top requested Sprintly features is “how do I change the item type?” Ever file a defect in Sprintly and realize that it should have been a task? Today we’ve shipped this ever useful feature! Welcomes Justin Jackson to the Team!

Published by on August 8, 2014.
Justin Jackson on the Sprintly team

I’m super-excited to introduce Justin Jackson to everybody today. Justin joined us just this week and will be running’s product marketing. Read on below to learn more about Justin. Howdy! I’m Justin Jackson and I’m thrilled to be joining the marketing team. I’ve spent the past 6 years working in product management and […]