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Don’t leave developers in the dark

Published by on January 14, 2015.

As a teenager, I remember playing strategy games like X-COM, Civilization, and Red Alert. These games use a mechanic known as “the fog of war.” When a player starts the game, they are immersed in an overhead map that is shrouded by darkness. The only way to reveal your surroundings is to explore. As you […]

Interview with Michael Lopp: how to lead developers

Published by on October 6, 2014.
Michael Lopp, @rands, interviewed by Joe Stump about Apple, Pinterest, and managing software teams

Joe sat down to interview Michael Lopp, Head of Engineering at Pinterest. Many of you probably know him online as Rands. You can listen to the whole interview at the bottom of this post. Michael’s blog,, delves into the human side of building software. In this interview, Michael and Joe offer their advice on […]