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What is my team working on?

Keeping your pulse on development is important, and Sprintly helps you do that by listing the current tickets front and center. This way, you'll never have to ask what someone's doing, you can just see for yourself!

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Getting to use @sprintly all day is so fun for me. I really just don't know how people can use other project management apps after this.

(Just a few) Features

A sampling of what Sprintly offers.

What are we releasing next?

What's in this next shipment? The Organizer view breaks down all items by phase so you can quickly see what is ready to deploy.

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@sprintly makes project management an intuitive experience. Finally, you now have visibility on what's going on. ‪#awesome‬ ‪#ux

Integrations & Add-ons

Make Sprintly even better with third party integrations and add-ons.

Finally a fluid and attractive way to empower your entire corporate team to improve your software.

What has my team finished?

Answer this question quickly with flexible filter options with Reports. Generate reports on the fly with custom date filters in combination with tags and date filters.

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What's happening now?

Watch what your team is working on in real-time with our advanced activity feeds with productivity analytics.

Who is overloaded?

Has Bob been assigned too many tasks? Does Jane need more work? Timelines displays team workload with stacked bar graphs for work that most important to you.

The new real-time @sprintly is amazing. Push to @github and see your items jump to the "complete" column in the dashboard seconds later.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need help importing tickets from my old tool into to Sprintly. Can you help?

    Yes! We’d love to help get you going. Contact us for more information.

  • Do you offer training for me and my team?

    Yes! We offer live training every week through an online webinar. Contact us for a schedule.

  • My team has grown and I need to upgrade plans. May I do that at any time?

    Yes! You can upgrade your plan at any time. Plan upgrades take effect immediately.

  • Does Sprintly offer a free plan?

    Yes! We have a 1 project, 3 member plan that is perfect for those smaller teams.

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