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  • AirSprint-Sinatra


    Airsprint-Sinatra publishes exceptions received by Airbrake to Sprintly. When Airbrake receives exceptions from your application, the WebHook defined on Airbrake is triggered and calls airsprint, which then creates a defect on Sprintly using the Sprintly REST API.

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  • Beanstalk


    Sprintly has integration with Beanstalk, which offers Git, Subversion, and Mercurial hosting. Our Beanstalk integration allows you to comment on tickets from commit messages, close tickets from commit messages, and reopen tickets from commit messages.

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  • Bitbucket


    Sprintly has integration with Atlassian's Bitbucket, which offers Git and Mercurial hosting. The Bitbucket integration allows you to comment on tickets from commit messages, close tickets from commit messages, and reopen tickets from commit messages.

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  • Bugsnag


    Send your crash reports directly into Sprintly from Bugsnag! Bugsnag can automatically create Sprintly defects when errors are detected in your applications, or allow you to triage your errors in Bugsnag before manually sending them to Sprintly.

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  • Clockify


    Clockify is a popular time tracking application. You can integrate Clockify with Sprintly and track your time spent on each task directly in Sprintly.

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  • Crashlytics


    Get your crash reports directly into Sprintly while using Crashlytics. Crashlytics has integrated with Sprintly so that when your app crashes items are automatically generated in Sprintly for you.

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  • lets you automatically gather in-app user feedback across web, iOS and Android platforms. Send any feedback directly to Sprintly with this integration. Set up this integration with just a few clicks in your Doorbell integrations settings.

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  • Flowdock


    Flowdock is a team collaboration app for desktop, mobile & web. This integration enable automatic posts of your Sprintly activity into your flows.

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  • Geckoboard


    Sprintly integrates with Geckoboard using Zapier. New Product, New Item and New Person events can be set to trigger updated to custom Geckometer, Text or Number Widgets.

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  • GitHub


    Sprintly is a great tool for managing work items; GitHub is a great tool for managing your code. The tools in this repository will help you take advantage of the integration with GitHub that Sprintly offers without drawing your attention away from the terminal. Use the Sprintly command line tool to get a list of all items assigned to you. Install the commit-msg hook to facilitate Sprintly's GitHub integration.

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  • Grandstand for Sprintly

    Grandstand for Sprintly

    Grandstand is a great tool to help you get a sense of the size of your queue and how stories, tasks and defects are distributed among your team. With some slick UI polish and animations, this tool really shines!

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  • HeyUpdate


    HeyUpdate is a tool to keep your team in sync. It does this by gathering activity from the services you already use and asks team members to write short updates each day to add extra context. A simple but effective method that helps teams get things done.

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  • Hubot Scripts for Sprintly

    Hubot Scripts for Sprintly

    This a collection of Hubot scripts to integrate Sprintly into your chat rooms via the Hubot tool. Hubot is a tool that can help automate your chatroom. With the Sprintly integration you can have Hubot Start and Stop items, and report on the status of items in your product.

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  • Posh-Sprintly


    Posh-Sprintly makes the process of coding seamless by allowing you to skip going to the Sprintly website. It's a PowerShell module containing a bunch of features to help you work with Sprintly.

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  • QuickBase 2 Sprintly

    QuickBase 2 Sprintly

    If you have a need to sync QuickBase to Sprintly this script is just the thing. A configurable .NET C# script that syncs issues from QuickBase to Sprintly items.

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  • notifies you of your software's bugs as they happen. With this integration you can attach an error group to a Sprintly issue that already exists, or create a new item in Sprintly from an error group. All directly from within Raygun.

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  • Rollbar


    Rollbar is a full-stack error monitoring app that collects and analyzes errors on web and mobile apps. This integration posts errors captured by Rollbar into Sprintly. Set up the integration in your Rollbar Settings > Project > Notifications menu.

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  • Scrumly for Sprintly

    Scrumly for Sprintly

    A lightweight view of Sprintly data for running stand-ups/scrums more efficiently. This tool is designed with the scrum master in mind.

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  • Sentry Sprintly

    Sentry Sprintly

    This plugin for Sentry that creates Sprintly defects out of exceptions in your applications. When your users encounter an error, a defect ticket is created in Sprintly with information to immediately help you debug the issue.

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  • Slack


    Slack is a chat messaging, archiving and search system. Our integration posts messages about new Sprintly items and comments to a designated Slack channel or direct message recipient.

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  • Sly for Sprintly

    Sly for Sprintly

    Sly is a command line interface that allows you to interact with Sprintly directly from your terminal. You can take a peek at your backlog along with a few other commands. This integration is relatively new and only has a handful of commands, but is in active development and is growing consistently.

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  • Sprintly API Javascript Library

    Sprintly API Javascript Library

    A Javascript Library to make calls to Sprintly's API.

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  • Sprintly for Alfred

    Sprintly for Alfred

    Sprintly for Alfred is a workflow integration for managing Sprintly products through the Alfred app. With this integration you can create new items, start and stop items, and retrieve a list of your backlog. More features are being added to the open source integration.

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  • Sprintly Services

    Sprintly Services

    Campfire, HipChat, and Flowdock are all great chat services for engineering teams. Sprintly has built services to support several of this chat services.

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  • Taco App

    Taco App

    Prioritize your Sprintly items alongside your tasks from 40+ services all on one screen. Choose from Asana to Basecamp to Gmail to Zendesk. Are you deciding what's most important? Just drag and drop the task to the top of the list. Stay in the zone all day, every day.

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  • TMetric - Sprintly time tracker

    TMetric - Sprintly time tracker

    TMetric is a free and simple time tracker which helps to track your working task time in Sprintly. You can now easily track each task from Sprintly simply by pressing one button. Each time you press the start button your Sprintly tasks activity records to TMetric dashboard.

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  • Toggl


    Toggl is a time tracking app. Add their chrome extension to track your time in Toggl directly from Sprintly.

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  • Uservoice


    Have a UserVoice account and need to send support requests to developers? This is a one-way ticket creator for Sprintly. When users create trouble tickets, this importer will create the ticket in Sprintly and assign it to a developer.

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  • Zapier


    Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks. This integration allows you to automatically move data to and from Sprintly with other apps like GitHub Issue, Google Docs, ZenDesk, Harvest, Buffer, Trigger and more.

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