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What is Slack’s secret to growth?

Published by on August 7, 2015.

My coworking office recently had to decide which group chat application we were going to use. We’d started with Kato because it was free, but members soon started to complain: Can we use Slack instead? The reason our members wanted to switch wasn’t because of features. Functionally, Slack and Kato are very similar. Both applications […]

How Newlio ships better software

Published by on October 24, 2014.
How Newlio ships better software

For our third instalment of the the How to Ship series, we interviewed Dan Delaney, VP of Product Development at Newlio, about how his team ships software. 1. What does your company do? Newlio is a powerful customer-centric marketing and insights platform. We equip marketers with actionable intelligence and help them earn more revenue. 2. […]